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Tell us how you really feel, YG! While performing at Coachella just a week ago, YG debuted his new single “Stop Snitchin’” with a large, projected image of Tekashi 6ix9ine. The bulk of the Compton rapper’s set was dedicated to his late friend Nipsey Hussle, but for those few moments, YG let it be known that he thinks “snitch nggas” are “btch n*ggas.

His mention of 6ix9ine is, of course, a reference to the rapper’s current legal case where it’s rumored that his cooperation with federal investigators has led to the arrests of a number of his associates. As of today, there have been six men who have pleaded guilty in the racketeering case stacked against them, and while there have been a handful of celebrities who have spoken out against the rainbow-haired rapper, YG is one of few to target Tekashi so blatantly on wax.

Meanwhile, “Stop Snitchin’” will be featured on YG’s forthcoming record 4REAL 4REAL that’s scheduled for release on May 3. During his Coachella performance, the rapper told the audience that he delayed dropping his record because of the unexpected death of Nipsey. “It was supposed to come out on Friday but I got some fked up news that my ngga had passedon me and sht,” he said. “So it’s like, I ain’t even know how to motherf*ckin’ walk and talk. I couldn’t get out the bed..c My life was fked up, my sh*t’s still f*cked up. The only reason I’m up here is because I’ve been drinking a whole lot of motherf*ckin’ tequila. But my n*gga gone, I gotta deal with this sh*t.”

Quotable Lyrics

You got caught with some sht
With your best friend and your clique
Y’all got caught hittin’ a lick
Everybody went down ’cause you snitched
Whoever raised you ain’t do a good job at that
Ayy, whoever raised you need to get slapped
Karma is a b
tch and she gon’ get you, ngga, just like that
‘Cause once a b
tch ngga, always a btch, facts

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