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Quotable Lyrics

Weirdo lyrics
She said she ain’t need nobody
She keep on talking ’bout she ain’t got bodies
She keep lying to me saying she ain’t got bodies
She keep lying to me saying she ain’t got bodies

Tell lil’ baby move more molly
Need a ref they running through my body (Runnin’ through my body)
She said “Uzi could you put it all inside me?” (All inside me)
Twinkling get ’em we throwing the bands the finest
This is they proud of me ’cause I made it out no doubt/cap (No cap/doubt)
I f**k your b***h and I put my d**k all in her mouth
My crib so big put a house in a house
My girl tried to leave me no my house not a home
My diamonds look like ice cream with no cone
Funny boys been getting them money so they my clones
Let me grab my .. so wet I need to get a comb
80 racks 85 racks like 80 racks for a show
Sweater on my body and it’s ..
Yeah ’cause it’s cold
Your new b***h yeah she old
New money don’t fold
Encyclopedia with the guap (Guap)
F**k the media aside (Yeah)
Diamonds all in her locks
Diamonds all in my rocks
Mixing dimes in my shoes
Diamonds all in my socks
Bake a n***a like Usidi
Whip it up in the pot
F*****g bitches off the T.V
P***y wet like a Squeegee
Water water with no Figi
Standing up with my feet wearing ..
Begging please when she eat me
That girl said she need me
My coat from dough I ain’t cop this from .. (Woah)
In the p***y and I’m dreaming
You trying to sell your own demon
‘Cause the b***h ate the semen
‘Cause the b***h ate the zip ’cause the b***h ate the pill
I heard he a snitch I heard he took a deal
Man that’s kinda real this a test just a drill
N***a talking ’bout the clips 30s and them 50 rails
Yeah my crib so big I got 30 50 rails
I got 10 doors with 8 doorbells
I got a couple whips I got a couple dips
Know I got a couple chips so I can take a couple trips
I can f**k on your va make her my situation
F**k her on vacation in the charm not the station
Overseas looking for my new ho man I feel like it’s datin’
Come on baby let me make it
No eye doctor they can’t check it
I like when you’re naked
Your old man was so broke so that means you was tasteless
Masked up like I’m Jason false flag a new Rollie
Big diamonds in the jacket
F**k your b***h she can’t take it
Maybach in my Wraith
She tried to act like she taken
F**k a b***h with my ..
Gettin’ strong from the pie
Treat the brick like a wake-in
Turn off at night
‘Cause you know I got the day shift
What’d you sayyy?

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