Ed Sheeran – Cross Me ft. Chance The Rapper & PnB Rock

Despite a few attempted efforts, chivalry has never officially died. Such principles lay the groundwork for Ed Sheeran, Chance The Rapper, and PnB Rock’s new collaboration “Cross Me,” the newest single from Sheeran’s upcoming No. 6 Collaborations album. Available in select international markets, “Cross Me” picks up where the Justin Bieber-assisted “I Don’t Care” left off, serving an uptempo, bouncy pop foundation for each party to declare their undying loyalty. The premise is simple. If one crosses the beloved of either contributing party, expect varying degrees of wrath.

Given Chano’s own perception as one of hip-hop’s hopelessly romantic men of integrity, it’s no wonder he contributed ably to Sheeran’s cause. Though many fans across the globe pine for Big Ed and his guitar-strumming ways, his intentions remain pure. Expect no wavering on his, nor Chano’s behalf; as for PnB, the man will abide by his own rules, though he may very well take up words should one of the homie’s come calling. What do you think of this one? Sound off below.

Quotable Lyrics

Is she ain’t messin’ with no other man
No, what she not gon’ do
Is stand there, cross for me, like you got kung-fu
Dead-scared, cross-armed, runnin’ your mouth like a faucet

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