Cossy Orjiafor demands justice over her $ex with D0g scandal

News recalls that in 2002 a video purportedly surfaced on YouTube showing Cossy Ojiakor in a $ex scene with a d0g after a defunct magazine, Enquirer owned by Tunde Moshood had made a mince meal of the scene in one of the publications of the magazine, alleging in plain words that actress, Cossy Ojiakor had $ex with a d0g with robust pictures to back it up.

Now calling for justice, following the viral reports of some Lagos girls committing bestiality by $leeping with D0gs for money, Cossy Orjiafor via Instagram cried out saying:

“Sometimes a lifetime awards turns out to be a lifetime shame…..thats when Nigeria happens to you. Pls @nigerianpoliceforce @nigerian_police_force_sc @nigerian_police_academy_wudil_ I reported this case years ago. But I was just a naive girl …a nobody . It was all over the news. Cossy Ojiako slept with Dog and got hiv.

My image .. Emotional trauma .. my career everything went down the drain. . I lost my sense of purpose. . Uptill date no justice .. no apologies.. Nothing. It’s really an insult to me when the Nigerian police went after the girl on TikTok that jokingly said she slept with a d0g. What about me that was in the magazine headline. Am I invisible.? 🥲🥲. Pls Solve this case and punish who ever is found guilty. Either cossy the girl that supposedly slept with d0g or mr TUNDE MOSHOOD . Of the ENQUIRER magazine .who is now a politician in lagos state.

The journalist that made millions from the Story that broke me . Pls my Instagram family help me tag the right police handle because I lost hope in the Nigerian justice system . . It still hurts. . I want justice. …Thank you”

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